Left Unloved EP


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This album is about change. Time. Age. Thoughts. Violence. Personality. Humans. Insecurity. Urban Decay. Tectonic plates. Terrorism. Air. Frustration. Reality. Men. Women. Poisoned water. Motorcycles. Love. Belief. Girls. Guns. Computers. Sex. Cars. Feeling left out. Rain. Death. Alcohol. Freedom. Explosions. Confidence. Confusion.


Yes. Especially the magnificent confusion of it all.


released October 18, 2016


Chris Grossarth for the smoothest cover art

Albums or Songs that were either inspiring or that I borrowed from:

:3lon - Ronin (particularly -Many Moons- on "Continental Drift")
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
M.I.A. - Arular (particularly -Galang- on "Like a Machine Gun)
The Strokes - The Modern Age (on "Continental Drift")
Ariel Pink - Life in L.A. (on "There's a Girl in My Car")



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HELMINAA New York, New York

Creation of --------------------------- George D

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Track Name: Continental Drift
Up on a hill
Where we begin
Hills drift apart
Farther away
My old faces
Fading away
My new faces
Shot glasses of hope
Power outage
Back of my brain
All my faces
Too far away

The continental drift kills my time
I'm so forgetful of where i have been
The continental drift buys me time
I'm up on a hill here's where we end
The continental drift brings me home again
Track Name: Suspension
My hands shake
When I think about electric faith
Makes it easier to make my case
To choke out my morals

Trembling hands
Guide my fingers to the stylish straps
Hanging gently from the detonator
On my suicide vest

Later years
Set in front of a big television
Mindless ads going through my brain
Choking out my morals

In old age
Fear and Trembling they make it harder
To fix the buttons of my sweater vest
Track Name: Like a Machine Gun
Black smoke bathes me
Soft sand dries me out
Barrel bombs go off
Somewhere far away

It pins me down x4

Like a machine gun

No need aiming
Our hate spreads apart
What's it look like
When we tear into flesh?

It tears me down x3

Like a machine gun
Track Name: Polygon Smoother
I shed my scales
When the time comes
I smooth my edges
When the sun rises

I feel no pain
I shade the lines
On my upper lip

Wire frame calisthenics
Geometric aesthetics
I smooth my lines for them
I'll smooth them again

The polygon dust
Hangs like an aura
Coarsens my atmosphere

Wire frame calisthenics
Geometric aesthetics
I smooth my lines for them
I'll smooth them again
Track Name: There's a Girl in My Car
There's a girl in my car
Where have I been
How did she know
That I'm not like that?

There's a girl in my head
Under my skin
I must know it all
Alone again
Track Name: Left Unloved
Bedford-Stuy to the West Side
We breath in all the gas
Molecules of nitrogen
Touched by all the lips of every face

Slow death
Waiting in the water

Everybody's leavin' me
Compliments of 24 hour parking

Complications of disease
Leave us in our room nearly dying

Rotting landscapes let us bleed
Money flows to rooftop parties

Construction yards flood the blocks
Cover the parts left unloved